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Juampy Juarez is one of the most versatile players of Argentina, he can play jazz, rock, fusion or heavy metal with equal facility.He tooks lessons with great Pat Martino, Jack Wilkins, Gene Bertoncini, Jonathan Kreisberg, Barry Harris, Sid Jacobs, Paul Meyers,  Bruce Arnold, and his main mentor , Pino Marrone.
He has played in different countries like Argentina, USA,  Brasil and Thailand with the likes of John Stowell, Jack Wilkins, Gene Bertoncini, Peter Mazza, Tony De Caprio, Russ Spiegel, Pino Marrone,  bassist Steve La Spina, Sid Jacobs, Sheryl Bailey, Jim Silverstein,   Rick Stone, Jim Hershman, ex- former Pat Metheny group singer and composer Pedro Aznar, Paul Meyers,  trombonist Jim Masters, among many Argentina top stars.
Juampy has been teaching for the past 23 years, privately and at different universities from Bangkok to Buenos Aires.
He is a clinician too, and writes lessons for  music’s magazines.
He has written three books called “Contrapuntal Improvisation”, “Guitar Explorations”, and  “New concepts and ideas for the modern musician”due out soon.In these books, Juampy shows his investigations, new devices and own variations on Jimmy Wyble’s techniques  and dodecafonic stuff, Fibonacci’s series and beyond.His main musical project is Powerjazz trio; the group has 2 recorded cd’s(one with John Stowell like a guest)and one dvd.Juampy also has a guitar-piano duo playing original  12 tone and atonal music  with one cd in the streets.
Juampy Juarez is  endorser of Di Marzio pickups, Radial pedals, Hamer Guitars, German Aprile Guitarras Artesanales, Clayton Picks and Argon gigbags.

About Juampy :

“He has a really original approach-very contrapuntal” Ben Monder

“Bravo juampy! You have such a great feel and your ideas are fresh and in the perfect slot.
You move on, too !” Gene Bertoncini

“You're playing really great. Nice tone and phrasing”. Jack Wilkins

“A lovely playing and some incredible chops”Jim Silverstein

“He is a very fine guitarrist”Bruce Arnold

“You have a lyrical approach to the guitar, I like your creative use of space”John Stowell

“I like the tunes, you have nice intros and good phrasing”Jonatahn Kreisberg

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